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Discover Turkish Flavors

A journey to unique and authentic deliciousness like no other.

Main Course Menu

Imam Bayildi



Stuffed baby eggplant with village style large fried vegetables topped with fresh herbs and thick traditional tomato sauce, served with traditional almond & currant rice

Traditional Almond & Currant Rice


Traditional almond & currant rice.

Vegetarian Stuffed Capsicum



Traditional white rice with tomato and pepper paste stuffed in capsicum, served with garlic yoghurt and home made Turkish bread

Lamb Kavurma


Diced lamb backstrap, sauteed with capsicums and onions, stirred in home made tomato sauce, served with traditional almond & currant rice

Turkish Style Ratatouille



Deep fried seasonal vegetables topped with traditional tomato sauce, garlic yoghurt and fresh herbs, served with home made Turkish bread

Ali Nazik


Free-range sirloin slices sauteed in butter with herbs, served with smoked eggplant with garlic yogurt and traditional almond & currant rice

Kayseri Manti


Handmade Turkish dumplings filled with seasoned beef steamed and glazed with herb butter, topped with thickened garlic yoghurt

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